Step-by-Step Guide

How It Works

PaySecuri is a online credit card verification system that works in combination with your physical card terminal.

The system is an additional security system that uses both card code verification (CCV) and address verification (AVS) to verify your card-not-present transactions.

With a PaySecuri subscription, you will be able to start the process of accepting secure credit card payments over the phone.

  • Accept secure credit card payments over the phone
  • Does not replace, but adds extra security to your physical terminal
  • Keep the same card terminal, account, rates & deposit dates
  • Easy to use on any computer, laptop or tablet

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to your PaySecuri account.

Once you have signed up to PaySecuri’s membership, you simply go to the website – – and log in to your account. Once you are logged in, you click on the “Verify Card” tab to start doing a card verification. For daily or often use, you can stay logged in to your account so that the verification system is ready to go.

Step 2: Determine the information needed.

After you are logged into the PaySecuri website, you will need to know what credit card information is needed in order for you to verify the credit card over the phone. You will need to ask the customer, who is on the phone for this information. You can either write down the required credit card information on a piece of paper, or put the information straight into the application.

The following information is needed to verify the credit card:

• Credit card number
• Expiration date
• CVV/security code
• Billing address

Step 3: Verify the credit card.

Once you have put in all the information, you press the “Verify Card” bottom and the system will verify the card within one to two seconds. If the card is declined, you will get the result: “Error: Your card was declined.” Also if the card is stolen or some of the information is incorrect, you will get a yellow or red mark and “No Match” or “Matched address/CVV only.”

For the card to be verified, you will need two green check marks and the following:

AVS Validation:  Matched
CVV Validation:  Matched

Step 4: Put the payment through your system.

If the credit card has been verified it is safe to process the card through your physical credit card terminal. You now take the needed information for processing the payment and put the payment through your card terminal. Then, with the three easy steps completed, you’ll be able to proceed and actually fulfill the customer’s order.

Credit Card Fraud Is Everywhere

Global losses to credit card fraud rose to $27.85 billion in 2018, up 16% from 2017. One-third of these losses happens in the US and about $800 million in Canada. And as large scale data breaches continue, some estimates suggest that up to 80% of credit cards are compromised.

With the introduction of the card chip (EMV), in store card-present fraud has declined. But this has only meant that fraudsters have turned their attention to card-not-present fraud, such as ordering over the phone, which has seen an increase of 34 percent. In these cases merchants and small business owners are responsible.

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