PaySecuri is a credit card verification system that works in combination with your current credit card terminal. Its online application is used to pre-verify credit cards before you complete a card-not-present transaction, such as over the phone.

Merchants who accept payment over the phone do so in order to make life easy for their customers. But taking payment over the phone means that the merchant will only verify the payment with the card number, expiration date and sometimes card verification code.

But with up to 80% of cards compromised, this is a low level of security. The big three credit card issuers all underline that the most important step to preventing card-not-present fraud is to verify the identity of the card holder. This is done, not just through getting the Card Verification Value (CVV) but also the Address Verification System (AVS).

The address verification system (AVS) compares the billing address of the customer to the address on file for the cardholder. If the two match, then it is very likely that the customer is the actual card holder. If the two do not match, then it is very likely a case of fraud as the cardholder should now this information.

AVS is important for two reasons. First, if the addresses do not match, you can prevent fraud by not accepting the payment. Secondly, having verified the address means that you have a strong case to fight a chargeback.

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